What is the Best Bottle Warmer for Breastmilk? (To Maintain the Breastmilk Nutrients)

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Whether you are a breastfeeding mama, the time is coming when you will not be available, and your baby will need to eat. That is when the bottle warmer will apply.

Bottle warmers help maintain the correct temperature of breastmilk without boiling, thus preserving the breastmilk nutrients. Moreover, you can use the bottle warmer to warm the baby’s food from frozen efficiently.

When choosing the best bottle warmer for breastmilk, it is essential to consider a bottle warmer that heats the milk to a temperature of 98.6 degrees since that is the temperature of breastmilk.

Read on to discover the best bottle warmers for breastmilk.

Quick Summary: Best Bottle Warmers For Breastmilk

Model:  Best for:
Kiinde Kozii SafeHeat Breast Milk Bottle Warmer Overall 
GROWNSY 5-In-1 Baby Bottle Warmer Multi-function 
Baby Brezza Electric Bottle Warmer Digital display
Bololo Bottle Warmer Temperature control
Philip Avent Bottle Warmer Automatic shut-off
Dr Brown’s milkSPA Bottle Warmer Fast warming

Best Bottle Warmers for Breastmilk – Our Top 6 Picks

1. Best Overall: Kiinde Kozii SafeHeat Breastmilk Bottle Warmer

This bottle has a patented SafeHeat technology that uses a warm water bath instead of steam to preserve breastmilk’s particular nutrients.

It also features an automatic shutoff timer which stops the milk from heating on time.

The package is easy to use, efficient and fast; it conveniently heats faster and equally thaws and warms the extracted breastmilk, baby food, or baby formula.

Its 100% sanitary stainless-steel warming chamber features adjustable water fillers and a lift-out basket making it easy to clean.

This bottle warmer is convenient; thus, you don’t require to add water in each use. Besides, it is versatile since it can work with Kiinde twist pouches, disposable or reusable bags, containers, jars, and bottles.

It is durable and reliable;  no shifting parts are featured in the warming chamber. Plus, it follows all USDA and CDC guidelines.

2. Best Multi-Functions: GROWNSY 5-In-1 Baby Bottle Warmer

Get the fast warming/defrosting/standard warming/food heating/steaming bottle warmer from the GROWNSY baby bottle. This bottle warmer is the perfect gift for baby-growing families.

Warm the (4ounce/120ml) room temperature in three minutes to 140-degrees F/40-degrees C.  

Please note that warming time will depend on the initial temperature, bottle material, and milk volume.

Give the milk to the baby at any moment to prevent him from crying. Please prevent the milk from overheating by taking the bottle out when time is up.

Please refer to the manual datasheet to choose the amount of water to warm milk and set the time. Kill 99.9 percent of harmful substances in your bottles by steaming;  it can steam up to 212 degrees F (100 degrees C).

Feed your baby conveniently all day and night; its steady temperature mode can keep the milk’s temperature up to 24-hours. Also, it is healthy to heat the infant’s baby food using water insulation.

Comfort the hunger of the crying baby during the night and give your family a sweet sleep with this bottle warmer. This product is designed with food-grade PP material and has the control of raw materials such as milk powder.

3. Best Digital Display: Baby Brezza Electric Bottle Warmer

The Baby Brezza electric bottle warmer warms breastmilk, baby food jars, and formula evenly and safely in minutes.

It features two settings to ensure the safe heating of the bottles to the perfect temperature. 

The first setting is a steady warm for the breastmilk, which uses a warm water bath to defrost or safely warm breastmilk, thus preserving the nutrients. The second set is a quick warm for baby food and formula.

Using the bottle warmer is easy; you can use the LCD’s push-button. Furthermore, you can control it from your phone and stay notified when the bottle is ready by downloading the free easy-to-use Baby Brezza app.

4. Best Temperature Control: Bololo Bottle Warmer

Calm your crying baby quickly with the Bololo bottle warmer. It features 500-watts high power, which can fast warm milk in 5-minutes.

There is no need to turn on the lights during the night; the bottle warmer is designed with mushy night lights, making it operate normally.

Its low noise will not interfere with your baby’s sweet sleep. The set is perfect for reserving, steady milk warming, defrosting frozen, fast milk warming, and food heating.

The unique double structure can heat 2-bottles, making it best for feeding twins. Its opening and easy-to-adjust cover are great for all materials and sizes of milk bottles.

If you are a busy mama, this bottle is ideal for you since it is included with automatic power-off making it safer to use.

5. Best Automatic Shut-Off: Philip Avent Bottle Warmer

Warm your 5 oz of milk in three minutes using the Philip Avent bottle warmer, although warming time will depend on the bottle material, initial temperature, and the milk volume.

It evenly and gently heats the milk since it circulates while warming, thus free from hot spots.

The new model contains lights to indicate its heating progress and when the milk is ready for use. Additionally, this new model helps keep the milk warm for up to 1-hour before shutting off automatically.

This package features a defrost setting for baby food and breastmilk. It is included with 220 to 240 volts, 400W power usage, 50/ 60 Hertz, and a class one safety classification.

If your milk is still cold, ensure that you set the dial basing it on the milk volume and not the size of the bottle.

If the indicator light is on and you’re using a silicone bottle, wait for more than 3 to 4 minutes. Use room temperature water to fill the warmer and not warm water.

6. Best Fast Warming:  Dr Brown’s milkSPA Bottle Warmer

Dr Brown’s bottle warmer features a mushy water bath that warms the breastmilk to the body temperature quickly and safely.

Its consistent and evenly warming follows USDA and CDC guidelines to preserve breastmilk nutrients perfectly.

Prevent overheating conveniently using the timer and automatic shut-off. The twelve pre-programmed settings allow you to customize the cycle of warming the milk from room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen.

It is perfect for warming baby food pouches, breastmilk storage bags, baby jars, and a baby bottle of any size.

Final Thoughts

The best bottle warmer for breastmilk should warm the baby’s food quickly and evenly and at the same time offer more versatility for future feeding times.Note that baby bottle warmers should heat milk about 113-degrees, or else it can burn your baby’s throat and mouth.

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