What Are Must Have Baby Items?

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Whether you’re starting a family or your friends have just given birth and the baby fairy is coming soon, everyone is excited to meet a new member of the family. But when it comes to welcoming a new baby into the world, there are many things that parents need to prepare. The first few weeks of a child’s life are filled with new sights and sounds. However, as they grow older and begin exploring more on their own, it might be time for them to leave the nest. In other words, it’s time for independence!

Whether you’re the type who likes preparing for every contingency or you just want to make sure that everything is taken care of before your little one arrives, knowing what items you should have in your Baby Registry will help you acquire everything you need once your bundle of joy arrives. Here are some must-have baby items before you welcome a new addition into your family:

Do Newborns Need Warm Bottles?

Newborns need a number of items, but one that might get overlooked is the bottle. Even if you don’t plan to use a bottle for your baby, it can come in handy when they’re transitioning from breast-feeding to regular bottles.
A lot of people might assume that newborns have no teeth and so they won’t be able to suck anything. But that’s not true! Newborn babies are born with a full set of teeth and they should be able to start taking milk from bottles at about two weeks old. When you purchase a milk bottle for your newborn, make sure that it has a cap that is made with soft silicone or plastic.

Does Warming Bottles Help With Gas?

The most important thing to remember when welcoming a new baby is that they will be using up a lot of energy. It’s also important to understand that babies are not born with an understanding of how to regulate their own body temperature. A warming bottle will help your newborn feel more comfortable and safe while providing a sense of security.

A warming bottle is perfect for the first few weeks after a child is born, but it can also be useful before they enter the world as well. Another plus is that you don’t have to worry about replacing the bottles. If you need more than one, then many companies sell them in packs!

Do Warm Bottles Help Baby Sleep?

One of the most important things you need to do before the baby arrives is to learn about the items that will help them sleep. The first item on your list should be a warm bottle. In fact, 98 percent of pediatricians say this is one of the top three recommended items for newborns.
If your baby isn’t sleeping well, they’re probably not gaining enough weight, which can lead to a myriad of problems later on in life. One way to ensure that your baby has enough room in their tummy for food is by feeding them with a warm bottle.

Feeding your child a warm bottle helps them sleep better and gain weight quickly. They also help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

How Do You Sterilize Baby Bottles At Home?

There’s no denying that babies need a lot of stuff. But one of the most important things they need is a safe and healthy place to sleep at night. One thing you should be aware of when giving your baby their first bottle is that you need to sterilize the bottles before giving them to your child. If you don’t have access to a dishwasher, there are other ways that you can sterilize your baby bottles at home.

One way is to use a microwave oven or running hot water over the bottles for 1-2 minutes. Another option is using boiling water on the bottles for 2-3 minutes or running them under cold tap water for 30 seconds. You can also clean them by washing them in soap and warm water or rubbing alcohol if it’s not too much trouble.

These methods will ensure your baby has a healthy start in life with everything they need from mom and dad!

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Jennifer Rock

Jennifer Rock

When I gave birth to my first boy, I was breast feeding so I didn't know about bottle warmers but with my 2nd birth I couldn't so I learned all there is to know about bottle warmers (and this gave my partner the chance to pitch in too).