6 Bottle Warmers Best for Como Tomo Bottles (To Keep Food Warm)

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Finding the perfect baby bottle for your baby can be an uphill task since some babies are pretty picky, but once she accepts, using Como Tomo bottles, the journey towards weaning begins appropriately and stylishly.

But for the weaning process to continue smoothly, you will require a warmer bottle that is perfect for the warming Como Tomo bottle. Bottle warmers are vital ingredients in the journey of the weaning process since they help warm food to a similar temperature to that produced from the breast.

When in the market, you may find many bottle warmers, some of which may not grant you proper value for your money but do not worry. This review has gathered some of the best bottle warmers that will give you a convenient time with your baby.

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Best Bottle Warmers

ModelKnown for
Dr. Brown’s Bottle WarmerAutomatic
Papablic Baby Bottle WarmerConsistent Warming
Kiinde Kozii Bottle WarmerPreserving Nutrients
Baby Instant Bottle WarmerBeginner Parents
Munchkin Digital Bottle WarmerSimplicity
Tommee Tippee Bottle WarmerFlexible

1. Best Automatic: Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

If you are looking for a fully automated bottle warmer, Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer should be the choice that comes to your mind. With its 12 pre-programmed settings, you can choose the warming cycle based on the condition of the food.

It contains an automatic feature that shuts off automatically once the set temperature is reached. This feature helps prevent overheating the food, allowing you to multitask efficiently without worries.

This bottle warmer also contains a water bath that quickly warms milk to body temperature. The body temperature is the perfect temperature to feed your baby the food.

It can also thaw frozen breast milk from the fridge and warm it to the perfect temperature for baby consumption. It’s consistent warming also preserves nutrients in breast milk.

2. Best for Consistent Warming: Papablic Baby Bottle Warmer

If you have the type of baby who always wants food, you have no option but always keep the food ready. You never know, the baby might surprise you with a cry in the middle of the night begging for food but don’t worry. Papablic baby bottle warmer has got your back.

It has a steady warming mode that consistently keeps food warm all day and night. This mode is quite helpful as it keeps food warm, and you can administer it anytime your baby wants to eat.

When preparing the bottle warmer, you add water and select your preferred warming mode and timing, and you are good to go. When the selected temperature reaches, it automatically shuts off to prevent overheating and sounds an alarm to alert you.

This bottle warmer also heats food in just three minutes while preserving nutrients in the food.

3. Best for Preserving Nutrients: Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

Warming food is one thing, but preserving its nutrients is another. So many bottle warmers focus more on warming food rather than preserving its nutrients, but that is not the case with Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer.

It has a patented safe heat technology that uses a warm water bath to heat food rather than steam. This technology helps preserve unique nutrients in the milk that helps the baby’s health improve by a mile.

This bottle warmer also uniformly thaws frozen milk from the fridge in minutes. And even after thawing, it warms the food faster, making it efficient. You also do not need to add water with each use making it convenient.

4. Best for Beginner Parents: Baby Instant Bottle Warmer

For new parents, managing food for the baby might be a daunting task initially, but Baby instant bottle warmer is here to make things easier for you. Its instant warmer boil function only takes minutes to prepare the food at a consumable temperature.

Its inbuilt semiconductor sensing probe and external temperature control allow you to set the temperature at any level you desire for your convenience. When it warms to the set temperature, it automatically goes off to prevent overheating while preserving the current temperature. This feature allows you to multitask efficiently.

It also has an LCD and nightlight, making night operations much more manageable. It is also made with explosion-proof glass and stainless steel, making operation life safer and healthier.

5. Best Simplicity: Munchkin Digital Bottle Warmer   

If you are looking for a simple bottle warmer with no confusing water tank and measurements required, get yourself the new Munchkin digital bottle warmer. You will be good to go. Without such requirements, all you need to do is flip and screw the bottle into the unit and plug in an electrical space, and you will be all good by a tap of a button.

This bottle heater can heat the milk to 98 degrees and maintain that temperature for about 30 minutes. After thirty minutes, it then warms up slowly to cater to those who want a lower temperature and keep them from cooling manually.

It is also a small compact size to avoid cluttering your kitchen counter. This size allows you to store it anywhere with other utensils without much space.

6. Best Flexible: Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer

When it comes to bottle warmers, flexibility means its ability to be used by most brands of plastic or glass feeding bottles and baby food containers. Many bottle warmers are not that flexible, but Tommee Tippee is here to change the game.

With its ability to be used by almost all plastic and glass brands, this bottle warm has established its name in the market to become one of the most sought-after bottle warmers.

This bottle warmer has only two temperature settings. You can thaw the baby’s food from the fridge or set it to maintain the food warm for a certain period before feeding.

The reason why this bottle warmer heats evenly is to preserve nutrients in the food. Preserving nutrients in food is a priority for most parents since the nutrients keep the baby more robust and healthier.

Wrap Up

When buying bottle heaters in the market, don’t just buy one blindly; instead, check its compatibility with other plastic or glass material. It would be a loss buying a bottle heater only to realize later that it is incompatible with your baby bottle.

The bottle heaters above are compatible with Como Tomo bottles; therefore, if you own one, choose the convenient and pocket-friendly one on your side and thank me later.

All the best in your shopping.

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Jennifer Rock

Jennifer Rock

When I gave birth to my first boy, I was breast feeding so I didn't know about bottle warmers but with my 2nd birth I couldn't so I learned all there is to know about bottle warmers (and this gave my partner the chance to pitch in too).